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Automated IP Docketing

  • Automated docketing has made manual docketing obsolete and ultimately will transform the entire docketing industry. Why wait any longer to enjoy the cost and quality benefits!

Automated Paralegal

  • The automation of routine paralegal tasks like the preparation of draft response shells and IDS citation tracking is readily automated once you set up for automated docketing. Don’t wait any longer to get started.

Automated Trademark Docketing

  • If you are a trademark attorney or paralegal, and would like to focus on work that clients will pay for, you need to set up our automated trademark docketing!

PAIR Status Change Alerts

  • Want to know what is going to happen at the USPTO before it does? Check out our PAIR status change alerts. We can alert you before major developments occur and give you extra time to prepare!

Automated Docket Verification

  • If you aren’t quite ready to give up your manual docketing quite yet, but would like to enjoy the incredible benefits of automation, sign up for automated docket verification. It checks all your docketing each day!

Dual/Back-Up Docketing

  • If you don’t currently run a dual docket for your critical date items, we can do it for you at a very low cost. Using our automated docketing capabilities, we can give you cheap protection against the costliest errors. 

More Services We Offer

Patent Examiner Analytics

We provide free examiner analytics to all our docketing customers. They are delivered automatically each time we docket an office action for you.

OA Response Shells

We automatically prepare response shells as part of our docketing process and have them ready to go with the current claims and the examiner’s rejection included in the shell to work with. 

Patent Claim History Reports

Want a great summary of the history of claim amendments, art cited and examiner arguments in one easy place to study? Our automated claim history reports do this and more at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

Patent Proofreading

Our proofreading team uses advanced technology to offer timely turn-around and detailed error detection.  We also prepare certificates of correction for you.  

Patent Term Adjustment

Our PTA team calculates the correct adjustment on thousands of patents each year. Don’t let your clients’ patents be shorted term by PTO mistakes!

Issuance Processing

Want us to handle the payment of the Issue Fee and take care of any last items that need to be handled? We are happy to help.

IDS Tracking

Our Pipeline data flows allow us to efficiently track cited art and determine when an IDS is required to be filed in order to comply with U.S. patent disclosure requirements.

IDS Preparation

We can efficiently provide “ready to file” IDS’s to your paralegal team in order to increase compliance with IDS filing deadlines and avoid costly and embarrassing late filed IDS’s. 

Notice Of Allowance Review

There are a number of things that need to be checked before you pay an issue fee. Our automation can help with this review to save time and increase quality.

Bibliographic Data Verification

Patent bibliographic data errors are one of the most common sources of missed foreign filing deadlines and missed annuity payments. We have a specialized web-based software called Amazing Grace™ which is used to help with updating, maintaining and verifying patent bibliographic data and deadlines so that you can sleep at night.

Solo Practice Turnkey System

Are you a solo practitioner and don’t know where to start setting up a docketing process? No sweat – we got it! We offer a turnkey, low-cost solution that will set you up with an industry-leading docketing platform. We do your docketing into it and off you go. 

Portfolio Cost Projections

Want to project the cost of your US prosecution expenses for the next quarter, year or further out into the future? Our innovative cost projection AI uses actual USPTO file history data to make projections.

File Opening

Need help getting your files open every day? Our file opening technology allows us to efficiently open files and verify that the files were opened correctly. 

File Transfer Projects

We specialize in helping firms with big incoming file transfer projects. Our proprietary file opening supervisor technology allows us to structure large projects and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Client System Updates

Our docketing technology allows us to program our algorithms to perform all required docketing tasks for a client with perfection. 

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Our Automated Docketing can handle 90% of your U.S. docketing before you wake up!