How to Search the Mexican Patent Office Website

Basic or Advanced Search

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has a great patent office listing and using that as a starting point, allows us to see what the Mexican Patent Office Website has to offer. From the initial website, you can select basic or advanced searches. 

I prefer the basic as you can enter the patent number or application number, as examples, in the Busequda search box.  You can also select which IP type you are searching.  For example, Todas means all IP types or Patentes is Patent.  I tend to select Patentes as those are typically the matters I’m looking for

Searching by Application Number

If you search by application number, please note the format by which you need to enter, particularly the placement of the slashes.  For instance, I’ve used MX/A/2014/010085 as the application number and selected the Buscar button. 

The format for patents can start with “MX” or “PA.”  The “A” or other single character determines application type, next is the four-digit year and the remaining 6 digits are the serial number.  If this isn’t exact, you do not get a result.  The

When searching by application number you get the publication and patent record.  However, if you know the patent number, that format is more straightforward as a 6-digit number.  Keep in mind that if you search by patent number, it only retrieves the patent record.

How To Search Mexican Patent Office Website 1

Bibliographic Information

Once you’ve entered the application number, as mentioned earlier, two results appear if it’s an issued patent.  The patent case is the top result, and the publication record follows.

Each record gives you standard bibliographic information including patent number (Oficina, No de Patente y Tipo de document), grant date (Fecha de concesión), PCT application number (Número de solicitud internacional), PCT filing date (Fecha de presentación internacional), local filing date (Fecha de presentación), title (Título), priority information (Prioridad (es)), inventors (Inventor(es)) and abstract (Resumen).  This information is always helpful if you are trying to verify information from a set of transferred-in cases or trying to verify dates for annuities.

How To Search Mexican Patent Office Website 2


Also notable are the navigation buttons (Publicacion en Gaceta, Historial, Expediente, and Vinculos) towards the bottom of each record. I find most of the buttons have redundant information from the bibliographic summary in the search result. The one button I find the most useful is Expediente. From what I can tell, these are a listing of documents related to the patent application process. You can view the documents by clicking on the PDF icon. It will then ask you to confirm you are not a robot (this always makes me smile that clicking a box proves that statement). From there you will see a preview of the document with the ability to download. These documents are in Spanish but in a pinch, and with a translation tool, could be effective if you need to understand the prosecution events.

How To Search Mexican Patent Office Website 3

More Information

Now you know the treasures of the Mexican Patent Office Website!  I’m sure there are more.  If you know of one I didn’t mention, please let us know or post on our LinkedIn page. If you found this valuable, we have an on-demand webinar that focuses on best practices for efficient docketing of routine formalities in Mexico.

Also, we have an upcoming webinar that will cover the subject of patenting in Mexico.  Black Hills IP hopes this content becomes a continuous flow of information that the IP community can rely and act on.  We are the leaders in smarter IP data docketing.

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