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Data Science Webinar Series

Topic : Data Science Webinar Series
Description : Data science can make our lives more clear, in very real ways. Join us as Dr. Manjeet Rege explains topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and more. A professor, podcast host and advisor to Black Hills AI, Dr. Rege will reveal how data science can make complicated tasks more efficient and masses of information easier to digest. He'll discuss practical implications of how data science can help us in our daily lives - and show tools that make sense of mountains of data. Whether you're just starting to learn about data science or have been a fan for years, this series will impart a new understanding of this vital field. The series will be moderated by Thomas Marlow, President of Black Hills AI Renewals.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars. Time shows in Central Time (US and Canada)