Corporate IP Docketing for Small Corporate Practices

Challenges Small Corporations Face

  • May need help choosing the best docketing system for their needs.
  • Scale too small to staff and train dedicated resources to track matters, matter status or key dates, or need partial docketing function on a scalable basis.
  • Want tools to track prosecution efficiency beyond that provided by outside counsel but lack budget or expertise to get or use.
  • Need help when staff is out on leave or vacation.
  • Need help with budgeting and making decisions on renewals. 

Black Hills AI Has Solutions to Meet Those Challenges

  • We work in almost every IP management system and can help fit one to your needs.
  • if you don’t have an IP management system, we are able to subscribe you to one and get you up and running virtually overnight. 
  • Our SureDocket™ subscription docketing service is readily scalable to your size and seamlessly delivers world-class docketing from the USPTO or foreign agents directly into your IP management system. We will docket only what you want or need and skip the rest. All docketing work is visible in our cloud portal Pipeline™ as the work is done so you always know where your docketing is in our pipeline!
  • Our renewals platform is the most advanced in the industry, provides on-demand cost projections, allows “what-if” planning, and generates free patent analytics to help guide your decisions.
  • We are experts in management matters and our team works with our innovative File Opening Supervisor to make sure all matters owned by the company are accounted for.
  • Our data verification team can make sure all your data is clean.
  • Our service team members are all located in the U.S. so we are easy to work with and understand your practice.
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Have you looked into automated docketing?

Our Automated Docketing can handle 90% of your U.S. docketing before you wake up!